Around here we have a motto: entertain the unexpected

Innovation often happens when imagination collides with experience. That's why we are willing to entertain the absurd, the unlikely, the paradoxical when we take on a project. For us, blue sky is as much an active ingredient as our expertise.

MCA16 Digital Amp plaftform Ethernet Cable
Whether creating optimized systems, complete hardware solutions, or robust, maintainable and extensible software, we take the time to know you, your market and your product before we write the first line of code. It's our way of ensuring that the outcome fulfills your requirements and delivers the ROI you need. Here are some of the tools we employ:

System Design

  • Customer requirements development
  • System validation & verification plans
  • Product software & functionality testing
  • Schedule and budget tracking & management

Software Design

  • Embedded networking (TCP/IP, SNMP, UDP, Dante, CobraNet, Ethernet AVB, etc.)
  • 2.4GHz wireless transceivers (802.15.4 & ZigBee)
  • RTOS development, porting & application (including embedded Linux)
  • Audio DSP development & H.264 video compression applications
  • PC hosted Windows & Linux application development

Hardware Design

  • Tools: Altium for schematic & PCB layout
  • Analog Design: low-noise audio signal processing, video (baseband & HDMI), network interfaces (through 1Gb/s), PWM audio amplifiers (up to 300W), and linear & SMPS power supply design
  • Digital Design: 8 to 32-bit microprocessors (including high-bandwidth memory interfaces), CPLD & FPGA design, DSP, and system-on-chip (SOC)

Attero Design also provides complete prototype and manufacturing services